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The Business Travel Show has named the six companies taking part in its travel innovation “Faceoff.”

The companies will present their services in series of head-to-head battles at the in person event, which takes place later this month.

Presentations will also be available virtually.

Louis Magliaro, executive vice president of Phocuswire-sister company BTN Group, says: “Sustainability, cost management, supplier relationships, TMC value-adds, and traveller-centric policies and programmes are all high on their agenda and discovering innovation that can help achieve all of these – and more – is precisely why buyers attend Business Travel Show Europe year in year out.”

The six companies participating are:

  • Climate Neutral Group, a Netherlands based company which has developed Travel Scan Program to help companies reduce flight costs.
  • Element Travel Technology provides corporate travel technology to corporate buyers as well as providing the technology to smaller travel management companies (TMC).
  • Grapevine, a U.K-based service targeting TMCs and travelers with missed booking opportunities.
  • PayPense, a Germany-based travel payment and expenses business that removes cash advances by having travel purchases billed to and paid by the company.
  • PredictX helps travel managers update their travel programs, remove what is no longer valid and project future volumes.
  • Meetingsbooker is launching a new product at the event to help organizations attract and retain the best employees as well as helping them work from anywhere safely.

Meanwhile, Grapevine has also taken third place in the TravelTech Show’s Trailblazer award.

The company came in after winner TourAmigo, a multi-day tours technology specialist and Cruisewatch, a B2B cruise advice company.

According to the judges, TourAmigo is likely to disrupt the industry with its booking and reservation technology for tours providers.

Stevie Rackley of the TravelTech Show virtual event, which takes place this week, comments: “They scored particularly high for the quality of their presentation, and the potential to create breakthrough value in the travel industry.”

The show is set to announce two further innovation winners during the event with the winners selected by the audience from 18 entrants.

Murray Decker, CEO of TourAmigo, says: “This award will go a long way to support Tour Amigo’s mission to become the global market leader in tour travel technology. Expanding into Europe and the US is a vital step on our journey to achieving this mission.”

The recognition, networking opportunities, and product validation gained from the Trailblazer Award will not only open up new opportunities, but it will be an invaluable aid during this overseas expansion.”

The TravelTech Show has a “follow the sun” format with specific content for different regions of the world.



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